What do Rabbits eat?

What do Rabbits eat? – Learn the truth about how to properly feed rabbits. Information about feeding pet rabbits, wild rabbits and bunny rabbits is discussed within this article.

Even with the most loving caretakers and pet parents, it is often difficult to notice all the health issues their pet bunnies are suffering from. Rabbits cannot always successfully communicate their ordeals to their owners. Sometimes they try to hide the problems. At other occasions, they may try to communicate but we are not able to understand. More often than not, health issues arise from improper feeding habits. This is why it is of vital importance that you take utmost care about what you are feeding your rabbit.

What do rabbits eat

What to Feed Rabbits – Best Food Recommendations

1. Timothy Blend Adult Pet Food by Sherwood Pet Health

Rabbit Food

This soy and grain-free rabbit food is arguably the best and most popular health food formula when it comes to rabbit pellets. The product currently enjoys a hopping 84% 5-star ratings at Amazon. This vet used and recommended 100% balanced diet formula uses a combination of timothy hay and legumes such alfalfa and clover which is also the natural diet for rabbits and other small herbivores in the wild.

The product separates itself from other typical timothy or other hay or grass-based pellets in that the formula does not contain any soy or grain by-products. The latter prevent proper digestion for the rabbits and lead to malformed poops. The Sherwood formula, on the other hand, promotes the growth of healthy microflora and this leads to improved fermentation in the rabbit’s ceacum and results in healthier poop. You’ll also notice more and better urine and less sludge since this balanced diet formula helps minimize renal bicarbonate levels that are the primary cause for sludge.

All of this translates into a healthier, happier and lively pet that you will love to have with you. In short, we highly recommend this pet health formula for all adult rabbits.

Check it out: http://www.adoptarabbit.com/TimothyBlendAdultRabbitFood

2. Sherwood Pet Health Baby Rabbit Food

Baby Rabbit Food

This soy, corn, and wheat-free formula is ideal for growing and lactating habits. You may start using the foods in small quantities when the babies are still nursing and slowly increase the amount and continue using after they have been weaned till up to 12 weeks. With high energy, protein and fat content, the formula (which uses whole oil seeds as well) is able to best replicate the nourishment the babies had been receiving from their mother’s milk. The high fiber content of the alfalfa hay prevents diarrhea and enteritis and is also essential to the young one’s growth since alfalfa (which is really a legume) is rich in calories and calcium content. The formula also contains appropriate amounts of omega 3 and 6 fatty acids, vitamin E and natural oils.

Again, a highly recommended product. One can gauge the popularity of the product from the average 4.8/5 rating it enjoys at Amazon as also from the detailed reviews posted by many happy and satisfied verified purchasers.

Check it out: http://www.adoptarabbit.com/SherwoodPetHealthBabyRabbitFood

Reasons you Should Feed your Rabbits Sherwood Pet Health brand food

There is a reason why Sherwood Small Animal Health Food brand has able to garner such a huge popularity among pet parents in such a relatively short time. Dr. Sherwood, who has a PhD in Molecular Biology and has studied extensively in the fields of geology, biotechnology and plant physiology, approaches the question of small animal (particularly herbivores) health and their feeding habits in a holistic manner. An active, happy, healthy and lively animal is one which has been paid proper heed to its nutritional, environmental, and emotional health as well as its wellness needs. And the mission of the Sherwood Pet Health company is to educate all small animal pet parents on these matters.

It often happens, for example, that a rabbit may look healthy and otherwise fine, and yet it may still suffer from one or more health issues, the most common among them being poor appetite, dental issues, urinary sludge, malformed poop, improper body weight, digestive problems and joint/arthritis pains. Therefore, when Dr. Sherwood (who has himself been a small animal lover/parent from his early childhood) set out to create his own pet food formulas, his primary aim was to come up with balanced diet and nutrition formulas that would be able to eliminate all of the above-mentioned problems. Devoted and painstaking research as well as his already acquired knowledge in the related matters came to his aid and thus we have today the Sherwood Pet Health formulas that, we may safely venture to add, are superior to all other rabbit and small animal food offered by the other brands. To know more about this and to read the Mission Statement of the Sherwood Pet Health, please visit this page: http://sherwoodpethealth.com/about-us/.

Feeding Rabbits 101

For rabbits in the wild, the largest portion of their diet consists of a large variety of plant materials and herbs. Fresh or dry grasses and leaves of different plants are the staple diet of a bunny, whether wild or a pet. But rabbits also thrive on tender sticks and twigs of certain plants, roots and sprouts as well as seeds, legumes, fruits and a variety of different vegetables, although the latter varieties they should only consume in small amounts.

This also makes sense since fruits and vegetables are not easily available in the wild as grass or plant leaves. So, their digestive system has evolved in a manner so they can consume foods that are high in nutrition value only if given in smaller quantities. Below, we will talk about rabbit foods and food habits that apply, for the most part, pet or domestic rabbits that include show rabbits, house pets, adults and baby bunnies.

Types of Rabbit Food

As we mentioned, the rabbits thrive primarily on fresh grass or hay (which is dried grass). House rabbits will consume many different types of grass, most commonly timothy, brome, oat hay, orchard and alfalfa hay (for baby rabbits). These grasses are rich in calcium, protein, Vitamin D & A as also in other nutrients and these help develop healthy gastrointestinal tract and good teeth in the little creatures.

However, for most rabbit owners, it is difficult to procure a regular and adequate supply of fresh grasses or hay. Which is how rabbit pellets entered the scene. Pellets were initially manufactured for commercial rabbits that are raised for their fur and the meat. Gradually, however, rabbit parents have warmed up to the idea and today, all home rabbit diets will typically contain a combine of pellets and grasses.

However, as we’ve mentioned above in Part 1 of the article, you need to be careful when choosing rabbit pellet foods and you should only go for the ones that provide proper nutrition to your rabbit and do not contain any ingredient that may negatively affect the health and wellbeing of the little one.

Also, you should pay heed to the fact that there are different commercial rabbit feeds that are designed for different breeds as also those which are meant for use at different stages of a rabbit’s life cycle. For example, Sherwood offers three different rabbit feed formulas for maintenance & show rabbits (M/S), for pregnant rabbits (P), and for babies or lactating and growing rabbits (L/G).

Rabbit Food Brands

Today, you’ll find a host of Rabbit Pet Health Formulas designed by a large variety of brands. A few of the most recognized brands in this field include Burgess, Beephar, Allen & Page, Kaytee, Oxbow and Sherwood, of course. Some of the formulas offered by these brands are indeed good enough, but we’ve already discussed why Sherwood formulas surpass almost all of them when it comes to a happy, healthy and active life of a rabbit and its overall wellbeing.

Also, be on your guard about advertising hypes that lead many of these brands to label their products “all natural”, “premium”, “gourmet” and so on. Instead, always check the ingredients list and the nutritional analysis printed on the back of the packet so you know exactly what you’ll be feeding your beloved pet.

Rabbit Food Prices

Typically, some of the most popular rabbit food formulas will cost you anything between $11 and $18 for a packet of 4-5 lbs. It is obvious that given the quantity of the packets, the difference in prices don’t amount to much. So, our suggestion is that you go for the best formulas even if they cost you a few extra bucks.

Feeding Baby vs Adult Rabbits

First of all, you should never feed anything to bunnies less than 3 weeks old. Up to that point, they should be feeding their mother’s milk only. If the mother is not around for nursing, hand over the bunnies to some rescue center where they would be bottle-fed the right kind of milk. Anything else, the bunnies will die.

You can, however, feed them baby food formulas from after3 weeks to up to 12 weeks, after which they will be ready to switch to adult pet food. If you are combining grass with pellets, make sure you use alfalfa hay for young rabbits since alfalfa contains the most balanced natural nutrition for these little cuties. As for feeding adult rabbits, kindly read the next sections of the article which we hope will give you an adequate idea regarding proper feeding habits of an adult rabbit.

Feeding Pet vs Wild Rabbits

There is little difference between nutritional needs of pet and wild rabbits. For both wild and pet rabbits, grass is the main dish at every meal. Wild rabbits mainly survive on fresh grass and plant leaves and occasional vegetables, as and when they can get some. With pet rabbits, we have more choices. Pellets are a good idea as long as you make sure they are quality food and do not contain grains, soy, seeds or fruit extracts. It is also okay to feed pet rabbits some vegetables and leafy greens, but only in small portions. Rabbits also enjoy some fruits such as apple or banana but fruits should only be given to a bunny occasionally, in small portions and as treats only. For pets, just make sure that you are not giving them too much food. House rabbits are nowhere near as mobile as their wilder counterparts and too much food can easily lead to obesity and other health issues.

Feeding Show Rabbits

For show rabbits, it is best not to give them too many vegetables, not even in small servings. Show rabbits best thrive with foods that are low in fat and protein content. Timothy hay is an excellent choice because of its high fiber that helps keep the show rabbits’ digestive system in proper condition. With high fibre food, the bunnies will not get overweight and will have a smooth and shiny coat. Sherwood’s M/S (maintenance & show) Pet Health Formula which is high fiber and low energy and contains whole oil seeds is an excellent choice as show rabbit pellets. Also make sure that you always give fresh (and never stale) pellets to your show rabbit.

How much do rabbits eat?

The quantities of foods rabbits will eat vary depending on whether we are talking babies or young rabbits, young adults, mature adults or senior rabbits. In this regard, it is important to follow the guidelines closely, especially since house rabbits normally are not too active and feeding them more than they should may lead to some serious health issues. Here is a good source on what quantities you should feed your rabbit at different stages of its life: https://rabbit.org/faq-diet/.

Feeding Vegetables and Fruits

You may have seen plenty of images and visuals showing rabbits happily nibbling away at a piece of carrot or some lettuce. However, as we’ve mentioned already, vegetables, although you can (and should) add them in your house bunny’s regular diet, but only in small servings. The thing with vegetables is that they come with high nutrition value in a relatively low calorie count. However, veggies do not contain long and high fibers that are so vital to a rabbit’s digestion’s process.

As for fruits, rabbits enjoy them because of their high sugary content. But that is also the reason why you should not feed them regularly at all. If fed too frequently, some rabbits also get addictive to fruits and then it becomes difficult to make them eat their normal diet. Too much fruit may also give your bunny diarrhea and can make him fat. Once in two or three days, you may give your pet bunny some small fruit treat such as a few thin apple slices or a few berries, and that’s all!

Safe Vegetables and Fruits List

The vegetables and herbs that are normally considered safe for a rabbit include carrots, parsnips, Brussels sprouts, eggplant, bell peppers, parsley, kale, celery, romaine lettuce, squash, radish tops, mint, basil, fennel, cilantro, green pepper and dandelion. The best scenario, of course, is if you can get organic versions of the fruits and vegetables!

As for fruits, wild rabbits most commonly eat various types of berries—strawberry, blueberry, raspberry, blackberry. In addition, house rabbits also enjoy small pieces of apple, pear, peach or melon. And all of the above are safe for him as long as he does not eat too much of them.

Here’s a useful (and extensive) list detailing what fruits and vegetables you may or may not give to your rabbits (and some which you should only give them occasionally): http://bunnyapproved.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/01/List.pdf.

Foods to Avoid Feeding

Following foods are complete no-nos for your bunny:
• No meat of any kind (rabbits are HERBIVORES!)
• No dairy products (so no cheese, sour cream, kefir, yogurt, and so on…)
• Any plant item high in oxalic acids (such as rhubarb)
• Gassy vegetables such as broccoli, cauliflower, iceberg lettuce, cabbage (these can lead to bloat)
• Shallots, chives, leeks or onions (will lead to blood disorders)




Best 20 Bunny Gifts Themed for Rabbit Lovers

It’s generally easy to buy a gift to a friend or a family member who is obsessed with teddy bears, dogs, and cats. But, how easy is it to get gifts that have a rabbit theme? Well, you will soon find out when you read our list. But first, it’s important to know that bunny gifts are equally as attractive and unique as the other animal-themed gifts. Thus, you can get almost any gift that you want. If there isn’t, then you can request to have it custom-made.

Whether it’s a bag, jewelry or toy, there are several options. Since now you have an idea of what to expect, here are 20 gift ideas that you should consider.

1. White Bunny with Heart Necklace

White Bunny with Heart Necklace

For a special lady, this bunny necklace is what you need to give her. It’s a great way to express “I Love You” without mentioning the words. The necklace comes in silver and gold colors and thus can go well with almost any outfit. Whether it’s paired with a blouse, a dress, or any office wear, the look will be great.

Check it out: http://www.adoptarabbit.com/WhiteBunnywithHeartNecklace

2. Bunny Necklace Beautiful Crystal Pendant

Bunny Necklace Beautiful Crystal Pendant

If the bunny lover is crazy about pendant necklaces, then you can get her this gift. The necklace has silver settings to give it a glamorous look. The accessory comes in red and blue themes and is meant to brighten the outfit. Nonetheless, it’s great when paired with a plain dress.

Check it out: http://www.adoptarabbit.com/BunnyNecklaceBeautifulCrystalPendant

3. World’s Cutest Bunny Backpack

Worlds Cutest Bunny Backpack

If you are looking for a special gift to give to your daughter on her birthday, you have a perfect one in this bunny backpack. The backpack is made from soft material and comes in 5 colors (white, pink, yellow, grey, and brown). Other than for birthdays, there are designs for Christmas and graduation ceremonies.

Check it out: http://www.adoptarabbit.com/WorldsCutestBunnyBackpack

4. Bunny and Carrot Stud Earrings

Bunny and Carrot Stud Earrings

To complement the bunny necklace, you can get your special lady this earring set. The set is cute and is characterized by a plated stainless-steel material. They are small-sized and come in gold and silver options. Hence, they go well with most outfits. Other than the necklace, they can be paired with complementary rings and bracelets.

Check it out: http://www.adoptarabbit.com/BunnyandCarrotStudEarrings

5. Bunny Stud Earrings Semi-Precious Stones

Bunny Stud Earrings Semi Precious Stones

Are you looking for an earring set that will spice up the style of your special lady? This is the perfect accessory to get her. The stud earrings are not only cute but uniquely designed too. They are a great fashion statement and will go well with most trendy dresses.

Check it out: http://www.adoptarabbit.com/BunnyStudEarrings

6. Alice in Wonderland Bunny Bracelet

Alice in Wonderland Bunny Bracelet

If you like the Alice in Wonderland fairy tale, this is the accessory to get. It can be worn by any lady who is crazy about fairy tales and bunnies. It’s a great accessory that is meant to add charm to any outfit. It’s made of metal alloy and it’s generally light.

Check it out: http://www.adoptarabbit.com/AliceinWonderlandBunnyBracelet

7. Pearl Bracelet with Bunny Rabbit Charm

Pearl Bracelet with Bunny Rabbit Charm

Very few bracelets on the market are as cute as this design. The pearl chain is characterized by a gold ring that is meant to add class to it besides holding the charm. The charm, on the other hand, is made of highly polished zinc alloy. The bracelet is cute to go with any trendy outfit.

Check it out: http://www.adoptarabbit.com/PearlBraceletwithBunnyRabbitCharm

8. Charming Rhinestone Bunny Rabbit Bracelet

Charming Rhinestone Bunny Rabbit Bracelet

This accessory is meant to step up the fashion taste of the wearer. The piece is bright and is designed to give the outfit a glamorous appeal. Your special lady just needs to wear the accessory with her favorite outfit and she will look just adorable.

Check it out: http://www.adoptarabbit.com/CharmingRhinestoneBunnyRabbitBracelet

9. Zootopia-themed Mascot Costume

Zootopia Themed Mascot Costume

If your kid is a fan of the Zootopia movie, this is a great gift to give out. The costume can be worn to a birthdayparty, a kids’ festival or a promotional event. You can choose between Nick Wilde and Judy Hopps—characters in the movie.

Check it out: http://www.adoptarabbit.com/ZootopiathemedMascotCostume

10. Knitted Bunny Ears Winter Bunny Caps

Knitted Bunny Ears Winter Bunny Caps

These are specifically meant for babies and toddlers. If you really like bunnies and you want your little one to do likewise, get him or her these bunny gifts. They come in six different colors and are all comfortable for the little one.

Check it out: http://www.adoptarabbit.com/KnittedBunnyEarsWinterBunnyCaps

11. Large Colorful Rabbit Ears Headband

Large Colorful Rabbit Ears Headband

This headband can be given to any special lady friend who likes animal-themed accessories. It can be worn to an outdoor fun event such as football. The band is made from soft plush material and is very comfortable.

Check it out: http://www.adoptarabbit.com/LargeColorfulRabbitEarsHeadband

12. Zootopia-Themed Plush Toy

Zootopia Themed Plush Toy

To complement the Zootopia-themed costume, you can also get your kid this toy. You also have the option to choose between Nick Wilde and Judy Hopps characters. If you have not watched this movie, the toy will make you want to watch it.

Check it out: http://www.adoptarabbit.com/ZootopiaThemedPlushToy

13. Peter Rabbit Plush Toy

Peter Rabbit Plush Toy

This toy is available in pink, yellow, and blue colors, and is just as attractive as the Zootopia-themed design. It’s a great gift to give to your kid when you want to introduce him or her to a world of imagination.

Check it out: http://www.adoptarabbit.com/PeterRabbitPlushToy

14. Cute Rabbit Plush

Cute Rabbit Plush

Every kid who likes cartoons (most do!) will love this stuffed bunny. It’s cute and adorable for the little one. You can also buy it as a décor to add class and warmth to your home, especially in the bedroom and the living space.

Check it out: http://www.adoptarabbit.com/CuteRabbitPlush

15. Crescent Moon Bunny Rabbit Necklace

Crescent Moon Bunny Rabbit Necklace

This silver-coated accessory is a must-have for any bunny lover. It’s a great addition to your accessory collection and is meant to go well with either formal or casual wears. It features a moon-shaped pendant with a rabbit comfortably resting on it.

Check it out: http://www.adoptarabbit.com/CrescentMoonBunnyRabbitNecklace

16. Best Friend Couple Peter Rabbit Necklace

Best Friend Couple Peter Rabbit Necklace

This is a set of two necklaces that is a great gift to give to your best friend. The necklace is made of zinc alloy and is generally cute. It will go well with any casual wear.

Check it out: http://www.adoptarabbit.com/BestFriendCouplePeterRabbitNecklace

17. Baby Bunny Rabbit Necklace Charm

Baby Bunny Rabbit Necklace Charm

This adorable necklace goes well with most outfits. It’s a cute choice for formal and casual wearing since it adds a sexy and glamorous vibe to the attire. You don’t have to be a bunny fan to love this piece.

Check it out: http://www.adoptarabbit.com/BabyBunnyRabbitNecklaceCharm

18. Adorable Bunny Rabbit Backpack

Adorable Bunny Rabbit Backpack

This backpack suits teens who are bunny lovers. The bag can be used as a school backpack or a traveler bag. It’s cute and comes in five colors (grey, white, yellow, beige, and pink).

Check it out: http://www.adoptarabbit.com/AdorableBunnyRabbitBackpack

19. 3D Bunny Rabbit Stud Earring

3D Bunny Rabbit Stud Earrings

Is that a small rabbit attached on your earlobe? This is the kind of question that you’ll hear often when you wear this earring. It’s attractive in color and design and is meant to create the illusion of areal rabbit.

Check it out: http://www.adoptarabbit.com/3DBunnyRabbitStudEarring

20. Flower Bunny Rabbit Earrings Wreath Design

Flower Bunny Rabbit Earrings Wreath Design

If your bunny lover friend also likes flower accessories, this piece is just ideal for her. It’s bright and can complement any casual dress.

Check it out: http://www.adoptarabbit.com/FlowerBunnyRabbitEarringsWreathDesign

Rabbit Gift Selection Tips

The types of bunny gifts that you pick for a friend or a family member depend on the type of person that the recipient is:

• For an outdoor enthusiast: Get the friend a rabbit-themed accessory that he or she can use in the outdoor, for example, a rabbit-themed backpack or camping gear.

• For the pocket bunny lover: Get him or her an accessory such as a bag or keychain with a rabbit-theme.

• For a world traveler: Get him or her airline-approved rabbit-themed carrier, waste bag or traveler backpack.

• For a friend who treats a rabbit as a baby: Get him or her a stuffed bunny.

• For a breed enthusiast: Get an item with a theme of a specific rabbit breed, for example, rabbit-themed jewelry.

Rabbit Gift Ideas

The reason for giving the gift matters. Overall, you should consider these factors:

• Give a practical rabbit-themed gift such as earrings and bracelets: You should try to avoid breakable and annoying gifts. This ensures that the friend uses the gift longer.

• Give a fun gift such as stuffed bunny: The gift should be able to plant a smile on the pet lover’s face.

• Give a meaningful gift: For example, having the gift customize gives it more meaning and worth. In this case, going for a customized backpack, necklace or earrings is better than giving them plain.

Types of Gifts

There are so many types of bunny-themed gifts as reflected in the top 20 list. They can be generally placed in these categories:

• Backpacks: Can be given to both kids and adults

• Costumes: These suit kids and are meant for fun events.

• Stuffedbunnies: These are the nearest things that you can have to actual bunnies. They are great for young bunny lovers.

• Jewelry: These gifts include earrings and bracelets with bunny themes.

Bunny Gift Prices

The prices for the bunny gifts depend on type and design of the item. For example, you may spend:

• $9.99-$13.99 on a necklace

• $4.99-$12.99 on an earring

• $19.99-$29.99 on a backpack

• $18.99-$24.99 on a stuffed bunny

• $6.99-$12.99 on a bracelet

• $29.99-$189.99 on a costume

Final Thoughts

A bunny-themed gift is a great choice to give to a friend or family member who is obsessed with bunnies. Using the above guide, you can find a specific gift that matches the taste of the rabbit lover. The gift will make the individual smile and you can count on the individual to cherish it for long.

Best Rabbit Litter Boxes

A litter box is a necessity if you want to potty train your rabbit. The litter training process can be tedious but with a great litter box and the right litter material, you can manage it. When it comes to picking rabbit litter boxes or litter materials, there are so many good options in the market. But you have to shop carefully to get the right brand. Moreover, you also have the option of making your own DIY litter box as we will see later in this article. You can also come up with your own litter material. In the end, what matters is that you are able to litter train your pet easily and successfully.

Now, let’s look at the top litter boxes and bedding material for rabbits purchasable on Amazon.

Rabbit Litter Box

Top 6 Rabbit Litter Boxes

1. Mkono Rabbit Litter Box

Mkono Rabbit Litter Box

This litter box is perfectly designed for adult rabbits. Its floor features a removable grid. This means that your rabbit stays clean as it doesn’t come into contact with the waste. Additionally, the litter box comes with hooks for hanging inside the rabbit cage. It’s also available in stylish colors.

Check it out: http://www.adoptarabbit.com/MkonoRabbitLitterBox

2. Plastic Lock-N-Litter Pan
Rabbit Lock N Litter Pan

This rabbit litter pan is a practical accessory that is effective in litter training your rabbit. It can accommodate an average-sized adult rabbit. Its sides are slightly raised to prevent the pet’s urine from spilling sideways. The material is strong plastic that is odor-resistant and stain-resistant.

Check it out: http://www.adoptarabbit.com/PlasticLockNLitterPan

3. Plastic Pet Animal Litter Tray

Plastic Pet Rabbit Litter Tray

This rabbit litter box is made of odor-resistant and stain-resistant plastic material. The material is also able to stand the aggression of the rabbit. The litter tray is locked to the cage and this prevents the litter from scattering. The floor of the litter box features a removable grid to ensure that your rabbit stays clean.

Check it out: http://www.adoptarabbit.com/PlasticPetAnimalLitterTray

4. WAOK Plastic Pet Toilet

WAOK Plastic Pet Rabbit Toilet

This litter tray comes in blue, yellow, and pink colors and is great for adult rabbits and other small-sized pets. The material is strong plastic which is not only durable but also eco-friendly. In addition, the plastic is odor-resistant and stain-resistant. The tray comes with hooks for firm attaching in the rabbit’s cage to prevent litter scatter.

Check it out: http://www.adoptarabbit.com/WAOKPlasticPetToilet

5. Erlvery DaMain Potty Trainer

Rabbit Potty Trainer

This litter box is made from strong and scratch-resistant plastic material. The material is also odor-resistant. It’s a great option for mature rabbits. The potty trainer comes with hooks to hang in the rabbit’s cage. This ensures that it’s not overturned and thus, no scatters.

Check it out: http://www.adoptarabbit.com/ErlveryDaMainPottyTrainer

6. Kaytee Hi-Cornet Litter Pan

Kaytee Rabbit Litter Pan

This litter pan is large in size, thus convenient for adult rabbits. It comes in amazing stylish colors such as pink, purple, green, and blue. It’s designed not to spill the liter material, thus ensuring easy cleaning. The material is strong plastic that is odor-resistant and stain-resistant.

Check it out: http://www.adoptarabbit.com/KayteeHiCornetLitterPan

Top 3 Rabbit Litter Packages

The best purchasable litter materials are:

1. Vitakraft Fresh World Ultra Strenght Crumble Bedding

Vitakraft Rabbit Bedding

This litter package has great absorbent and odor-blocking qualities. In terms of absorption, the litter is able to carry 3 times its weight and leaves your rabbit clean. It’s also non-toxic, thus safe for your pet. The material is 100% recyclable, thus eco-friendly. It’s very soft and comfortable for the rabbit.

Check it out: http://www.adoptarabbit.com/VitakraftRabbitBedding

2. Kaytee Clean and Cozy White Bedding

Kaytee Rabbit Litter

This litter package has amazing waste absorption qualities. It’s able to absorb 6 times its ideal weight. It’s also 100% dust-free, thus safe for the rabbit and to the environment. This also means that it’s easy to clean the litter box. Additionally, the litter has great odor-blocking characteristics.

Check it out: http://www.adoptarabbit.com/KayteeCleanandCozyWhiteBedding

3. Healthy Pet HPCC Natural Bedding

Pet Rabbit Litter

This litter package has high absorption power. Just like the Vitakraft package, the bedding material absorbs waste 3 times its weight. It also possesses odor-blocking abilities. The package is dust-free, thus safe to the rabbit and to the environment.

Check it out: http://www.adoptarabbit.com/HealthyPetHPCCNaturalBedding

Rabbit Litter Box Selection Tips

There are several factors that make great rabbit litter boxes:

• Tray size: A good rabbit litter box should have a standard-sized tray, one that fits perfectly in the litter box.

• Tray depth: The rabbit should be able to access the inside of the tray comfortably. If the tray depth is shallow, the rabbit may ignore it. The tray should be deep enough to prevent urine spills.

• Strength and resistance: The litter box should be made of a strong material to guarantee long-term service. The material should be odor-resistant and stain-resistant.

• Stability: The litter box should come with hooks or screwing points for firm attachment in the rabbit cage. This prevents litter scatters.

• Easy-to-clean floor: Preferably, the floor should be a removable grip to allow easy cleaning and to keep the rabbit unsoiled.

Types of Rabbit Litter Boxes

There are several types of litter boxes for rabbits on the market. They include:

• A corner litter box: This is designed to occupy less space and is placed in the corner of the rabbit’s cage.

• A litter pan: This is the standard litter box that can go well with any average-size adult rabbit. It’s slightly spacious than the corner litter box.

• A litter box with wire floor: This box is easy to clean since the urine and droppings fall into a tray and thus the pet stays clean.

• A litter box with plastic grate/screen: The litter box is designed not to irritate the rabbit, thus reduces litter wastage.

• A litter box with hay rack: This box comes with a hay compartment. Therefore, the hay is not spoiled by the pet’s urine.

Rabbit Litter Box Brands

In most cases, the litter boxes are named after the supplier. Examples include:

• Kaytee

• Mkono

• ZoeZ

• Erlvery

These suppliers deliver different types of rabbit potty trainers. They also have brands for other small animals such as Guinea pigs and squirrels. In addition, they supply hay and chewable pallets. There are others like Kaytee who also supply litter packages. We also have other litter box brands that are named after the manufacturer, for example, Lock-N-Litter by Wang Manufacturing.

DIY How to Make Your Own Litter Box

You can make a DIY litter box if you have a plastic bowl, plastic bag, litter, and hay.

• Start by selecting the perfect bowl size and cover it with a plastic bag. This makes a great litter tray.

• Get litter material from the store and spread it in the litter tray. You should put a light litter layer, about 1 inch. You should avoid clay litter, zinc litter, and cider litter as they may poison your rabbit. Preferably, purchase the discussed top 3 litters from Amazon. If you are not able, use old newspapers, woodstove pellets, paper pulp litter or ground corncob bedding.

• Get the right hay material to cover the litter layer. The hay should be yummy and a good example is Timothy Hay. The hay is purchasable in bags and you can get it online.

Once the litter box is ready, you can place it in a specific place within the cage where the rabbit can see it. You should put some urine-soaked litter or hay on the tray to inform the rabbit of its availability. Alternatively, you can use the rabbit’s poop.

How to Litter Box Train Your Rabbit Step by Step

The process of teaching your pet to use the litter box is not hard if you observe theright guide. You should follow these simple steps:

• Prepare your litter box before you bring the rabbit home. Ensure that the box is of the right size and is clean.

• Provide the litter box with the necessary supplies such as hay, hay feeder, and litter. The litter should be safe for the rabbit.

• Choose a perfect location within the rabbit’s cage to place the litter box.

• Start by helping the rabbit to notice the presence of the litter box. To do this, place the rabbit’s poop inside the tray if the disposal of is done outside.

• When you notice that the pet wants to dispose of its waste, you should place it (the rabbit) on the litter box in case it’s outside. Normally, it will raise its tail when nature calls.

• In case you are using multiple rabbit litter boxes, remove the extra ones with time to encourage the rabbit to stick to a particular box.

• When the animal messes the box, clean it using vinegar or enzyme cleaner. You should, however, avoid cleaning the litter box often as the rabbit may feel that it’s not supposed to use the litter box.

• If the rabbit insists on messing at a particular corner, you should yield to its demand and change the location of the litter box to the position that the animal prefers.

When the rabbit learns not to mess the place where it feeds from and rests, you can get it out of the cage. However, you need to be patient with the animal as the learning process may take more time than you expect.

Best Rabbit Hay Feeders

Rabbits have been a popular choice for pets for hundreds of years throughout the world. Not only are most compact in size, they are cuddly, cute, and known for their docile temperaments ideal for children. There are numerous rabbit breeds, but one thing that all rabbits share in common is their need for adequate dietary nutrition. Knowing how and what to feed rabbits is an integral part of caring for your rabbits to ensure their health and longevity. From hay feeders to rabbit hay food products, along with selection tips, you can provide an ideal environment in which your rabbit will thrive.

Rabbit Hay Feeders

Top 7 Rabbit Hay Feeders

1) CalPalmy Rabbit Hay Feeder

CalPalmy Rabbit Hay Feeder

The CalPalmy rabbit hay feeder is ideal for rabbits, chinchillas, guinea pigs, and small animals. It is known to minimize mess by firmly holding the hay supply in place, while being accessible to your furry friends. The hay feeder is made from 100-percent non-toxic BPA-free plastic. This hay feeder is easy to install with the screw-mount system and stays securely in place.

Check it out: http://www.adoptarabbit.com/CalPalmyRabbitHayFeeder

2) Rabbit Hay and Food Feeder

Rabbit Hay and Food Feeder

This rabbit hay and food feeder is a combination feeder with compartments for hay and pellet food. The hay is held securely in place in the upper portion of the feeder, while the bottom bowl portion holds the pellet food. These come in a variety of retro-style colors like pink, yellow, and turquoise blue. This feeder is ideal for rabbits and other small animals. The downside is that the hay can end up mixed with the pellet food source, for those who prefer to keep them separate.

Check it out: http://www.adoptarabbit.com/RabbitHayandFoodFeeder

3) Mkono Rabbit Hay Feeder

Mkono Rabbit Hay Feeder

The Mkono hay feeder is easily installed to the side of your rabbit enclosure. It holds its hay contents firmly in place without large amounts of spillage and mess. The feeder is made from non-toxic metal and plastic and features steel edging to prevent your rabbit from chewing. Mkono is a trademarked product known for its longevity and superior quality.

Check it out: http://www.adoptarabbit.com/MkonoRabbitHayFeeder

4) Niteangel Wooden Rabbit Hay Manger Feeder

Niteangel Wooden Rabbit Hay Feeder

The Niteangel wooden rabbit hay manger feeder is ideal for larger enclosures, like outdoor ones. It connects easily to any cage and has a lid to prevent rabbits trying to access the hay from above, as well as keeping unwanted rodents from your rabbit’s food source. The only drawback to wooden hay feeders is that most rabbits like to chew, and a wooden feeder is likely to encourage chewing.

Check it out: http://www.adoptarabbit.com/NiteangelWoodenRabbitHayFeeder

5) Rabbit Hay Feeder Rack

Rabbit Hay Feeder Rack

This no-mess rabbit hay feeder rack holds its contents firmly in place to minimize messes and help keep your cage clean. This feeder is easy to clean, durable, and spring loaded for easy attachment to any wire cage. The spring-held bar makes it easy to refill as needed.

Check it out: http://www.adoptarabbit.com/RabbitHayFeederRack

6) Kaytee Bunny Hay Feeder

Kaytee Rabbit Hay Feeder

The Kaytee bunny hay feeder comes in assorted colors and is a combo-bin feeder for hay and pellet food. It is made from plastic and wood-composite material that is easy to clean and care for. It is ideal for rabbits, guinea pigs, chinchillas and smaller animals. Its Quick Lock feature makes it easy to attach to a variety of rabbit cages and enclosures.

Check it out: http://www.adoptarabbit.com/KayteeRabbitHayFeeder

7) Ware Manufacturing Rabbit Hay Feeder

Ware Manufacturing Rabbit Hay Feeder

This Ware Manufacturing rabbit hay feeder is all metal and powder coated. It is one of the more affordable hay feeders and is ideal for a variety of small pets. The powder-coated finish makes it chew-resistant and easy to clean.

Check it out: http://www.adoptarabbit.com/WareManufacturingRabbitHayFeeder

Top 5 Rabbit Hay Food Products

1) Small Pet Select Timothy Hay Food

Small Pet Select Timothy Rabbit Hay Food

Small Pet Select Timothy Hay Food is a premium quality source of hay food for rabbits and small pets. Their batches are hand selected and packaged to ensure quality. It comes in a corrugated box that easily opens and closes for access. Comes with a 100-percent satisfaction guarantee.

Check it out: http://www.adoptarabbit.com/SmallPetSelectTimothyHayFood

2) Kaytee Timothy Hay

Kaytee Timothy Rabbit Hay

The Kaytee Timothy Hay is a first and second cut high-quality hay blend. It is hand selected to ensure quality and leaf-to-stem ratio. Known to aid in digestive and dental health, this Timothy Hay will keep your rabbit’s teeth from getting too long.

Check it out: http://www.adoptarabbit.com/KayteeTimothyHay

3) Oxbow Bunny Basics

Oxbow Bunny Basics

The Oxbow Bunny Basics food for adult rabbits is recommended by veterinarians and keeps rabbits at the optimum protein level. This hay food products will meet your rabbit’s fiber, protein, fat, carb and energy requirements.

Check it out: http://www.adoptarabbit.com/OxbowBunnyBasics

4) Kaytee Natural Timothy Hay Cubes

Kaytee Natural Timothy Hay Cubes

The lower protein and calcium levels of the Kaytee Natural Timothy hay cubes helps promote and regulate urinary health. The high fiber content aids in digestive health and provides additional nutritional benefits. It is grown in the United States and meets a rabbit’s nutritional needs.

Check it out: http://www.adoptarabbit.com/KayteeNaturalTimothyHayCubes

5) Viking Farmer Alfalfa Hay

Viking Farmer Alfalfa Hay

The Viking Farmer Alfalfa hay comes directly from a small farmer who grows, packages, and harvests the hay himself. The quality of his alfalfa hay is superior as everything is done by hand to ensure quality. It is weed-free and lab tested to confirm natural purity. This hay food product comes with a 100-percent satisfaction guarantee.

Check it out: http://www.adoptarabbit.com/VikingFarmerAlfalfaHay

Rabbit Feeder Selection Tips

When it comes time to purchase your rabbit hay feeder, there are a few aspects to consider. One of the most important factors is to have your cage or enclosure picked out. For many hay feeders, you need to make sure the feeder will work size-wise with the cage. Look at how the hay feeder attaches to the cage and make sure it does so easily with your cage material. Also consider the material you want your hay feeder to be made from. While wood feeders are tempting as they are natural, they are also more likely to be chewed on and not as easy to clean as their metal or plastic counterparts.

If purchasing metal or plastic hay feeders, be sure that they are made from non-toxic and BPA-free materials to ensure the healthy of your rabbits. Also make sure your hay feeder holds enough hay for the amount of rabbits you have; more rabbits will need larger or more feeders.

There are also dual-combo hay feeders that have a section for hay and a bowl for pellet food. If you prefer to have your rabbit’s food sources kept separate, you will not want to opt for a combo-feeder. If you like keeping all your rabbit food off the cage’s floor, this feeder will be a good choice.

Rabbit Hay Feeder Brands

There are numerous rabbit hay feeder brands to choose from including Mkono (a trademarked brand), Niteangel, CalPalmy, and Ware Manufacturing, to name a few. These brands are reputable in their provision of high-quality rabbit hay feeders.

Why Rabbits Need Hay

Hay meets a rabbit’s nutritional needs, as well as keeping their teeth filed nice and short. Rabbits who don’t get the chance to chew as much as they need will end up with overgrown teeth which are very painful and disruptive.

When it comes to nutrition, hay provides rabbits with the ideal amount of fiber to ensure their digestive health and proper GI tract functioning.

For baby bunnies, alfalfa hay is ideal as it meets the high caloric content needed to enable their growth. After they reach seven months is a good time to switch their diet over to Timothy hay, orchard grass, or oat hay. Second-cutting hay is known to be softer and contain more leaves and less stems.

DIY Rabbit Hay Feeders

There are always DIY options around and rabbit hay feeders are no exception. A plastic grocery bag dispenser is ideal for this purpose as its holes work well for the rabbits to pull the hay from.

Even baskets attached to your cage wall make good hay feeders that rabbits are more than capable of pulling hay through. Drying racks are also known as ideal hay racks for outside enclosures where the ability of the feeder to contain the hay is not of such importance.

A box with cutouts for the hay can work, especially if it is enclosed on the top so extra determined bunnies won’t face the dangers of falling in while they are trying to get to the hay.

Wire fruit baskets can easily be filled with hay, turned on their sides, and secured to a wire cage to become a feeder. Just be sure that any plastic items you are repurposing are BPA free and made from non-toxic materials.

When it comes to caring for rabbits, a little research beforehand will ensure that you are ready to tackle responsible ownership of these wonderful pets. Being aware of the supplies they need like cages, feeders, toys, blankets, and hay food products and why they need the things they do will see you and your pet rabbit well established and happy. A domestic rabbit’s lifespan can range from eight to 12 years, so investing the time and effort into caring for them responsibly will help ensure your rabbit is having all of their needs met. Now that you know all you need to know about domestic rabbit care, it’s time to take the next step in choosing the ideal rabbit breed for you and your home.

Best Rabbit Bedding

Rabbits don’t require traditional pet bedding the owners often buy for dogs or even cats. What they do need is a type of litter that doubles as bedding when they sleep. Choosing a quality litter that you change frequently, will keep your rabbits happy and healthy. Here are the top seven rabbit bedding products available on Amazon.

Best Rabbit Bedding

Top Seven Rabbit Bedding Products

1. Carefresh Custom Rabbit/Guinea Pig Pet Bedding

Carefresh Custom Rabbit Bedding

This soft litter comes in larger pieces, which makes it absorbs urine well. Owners like it because it has superior odor control, particularly when it comes to urine, with the manufacturer claiming that it can control odors for up to 10 days. The Carefresh Custom is appropriate for corners of cages or small litterboxes but doesn’t work as well in an open habitat. This bedding is 99% dust-free thanks to its unique material and manufacturing process, allowing for easy cleanup.

Check it out: http://www.adoptarabbit.com/CarefreshRabbitBedding

2. Peter’s Woven Grass Pet Bed and Toys

Peters Woven Grass Rabbit Bed

Measuring 5″ x 9″ x 13″, this natural grass bad is perfect for protecting your pet’s feet from getting caught in wire cages. This cozy bed is good for smaller rabbits that like to snuggle and feel secure. Because it is made of natural grass, it won’t harm your pet’s digestive system if he or she decides to nibble on it. You can also use the basket for holding hay.

Check it out: http://www.adoptarabbit.com/PetersWovenGrassPetBed

3. Kaytee Pine Bedding, 1200 Cubic Inch

Kaytee Pine Rabbit Bedding

Containing all natural pine shavings manufactured via a special process to eliminate dust and wood debris, Kaytee Pine Bedding is a low-cost alternative that does the same job of more expensive beddings. This all-natural and biodegradable soft wood bedding is 99.9% dust-free. It’s recommended for open, well-ventilated cages. The product comes packed tightly and offers a lot of value for the money.

Check it out: http://www.adoptarabbit.com/KayteePineBedding

4. Healthy Pet Natural Bedding

Healthy Pet Natural Rabbit Bedding

Critter Care Natural bedding suppresses ammonia produced by rabbit urine longer than most similar products. This soft litter absorbs as much as three times its weight to keep your pet dry. It’s also a good bedding for homes where one of more residents have allergies as its virtually due free. Manufactured with reclaimed wood pulp, this biodegradable bedding may be composted after usage. Rabbits love to burrow in this litter as it provides a warm environment for sleeping.

Check it out: http://www.adoptarabbit.com/HealthyPetNaturalBedding

5. Absorbtion Corp Carefresh Shavings Plus Pet Bedding

Absorption Plus Pet Bunny Bedding

Are you looking for rabbit bedding that looks pretty while it also absorbs odors and urine? Absorbption Carefresh is for you. This formulation has a 90/10 mix of softwood shavings mixed in with blue colored shavings that are both fun and attractive and provide better odor control than shavings alone. This bedding is kiln-dried and results in colors that do not run or stain. Your rabbit will have a cleaner habitat is won’t cake on the bottom of the cage it absorbs more than two times its weight in liquids. Absorbtion Carefresh helps promote burrowing and nesting while also providing warmth for sleeping. It’s made from earth-friendly reclaimed fiber and forest byproducts and is 100% biodegradable.

Check it out: http://www.adoptarabbit.com/AbsorbtionCarefreshPetBedding

6. Kaytee Clean and Cozy Scented Small Animal Bedding

Kaytee Clean Bunny Rabbit Bedding

Kaytee Clean & Cozy is considered the best bedding by season rabbit owners as it is extremely soft and absorbent. Twice as absorbent as wood shavings, this product can take up to six times its own weight in liquid. It’s also soft and fluffy enough to make your pet feel comfortable enough to nest. Clean & Cozy smells good too thanks to a pleasing lavender scent. Clean and Cozy is guaranteed to control urine and feces odors. It is also 99.9% dust free to give your rabbit a cleaner home and has longer fiber strands for better absorbency, consistency and overall quality.

Check it out: http://www.adoptarabbit.com/KayteeSmallAnimalBedding

7. Carefresh Complete Pet Bedding

Carefresh Complete Pet Bunny Bedding

This bedding comes home highly recommended by owners of all types of pet rabbits. Made from recycled pulp, this bedding is free of inks, dyes, clay and chemicals and a unique process that removes potentially harmful hydrocarbons that exist naturally in pine and cedar oils. It is also heated to 380 degrees Fahrenheit to reduces fungus, mold and bacteria. This super absorbent bedding also is excellent at suppressing urine odor. It’s long-lasting too, allowing you to keep it in your rabbit’s habitat for twice as long as other beddings.

Check it out: http://www.adoptarabbit.com/CarefreshCompletePetBedding

General Rabbit Bedding Information

How to Select Bedding for Your Rabbit

Many different types of rabbit bedding are on the market. You can choose from pine, cedar, paper, fleece, straw, hay and even aspen. The best bedding for your rabbit will keep him or her dry, warm and comfortable while resting or sleeping. Because they are prey animals, rabbits need to feel secure in their environment and like spaces where they can retreat when they feel threatened. A good bedding should have all of these characteristics. Keeping your bunny dry and clean is also of paramount importance. Odor control is also important for the overall environment as you don’t want the rabbit hutch to become overly smelly.

Make sure that your pet’s bedding is safe. One of the biggest concerns comes from fumes that can emanate from wood, particularly pine and cedar as the fume can affect your pet’s liver. Shredded wood bedding should be processed so these aromatic fumes are removed. Paper bedding is a great alternative to wood shavings, but even here you need to be sure that the product is non-toxic in case your bunny tends to be a nibbler.

Primary types of Rabbit Bedding

  • Newspaper – Although it’s good for lining the bottom of the cage, newspaper rips easily and can be bad for your bunny if he eats too much of it.
  • Softwood litters – The aforementioned aromatic fumes are the biggest drawback with this bedding, yet it is soft and comfortable. Aspen bedding, made from aspen wood, is considered a cheap alternative to many other types of bunny bedding. However, it has proven advantages, namely that it provides great odor control.
  • Paper pulp – This bedding is relatively new. It’s environmentally friendly and it’s made out of recycled paper. It’s highly absorbent and absorbs an incredible amount of liquid.
  • Wood or paper pellets – Wood pellets have good absorbency but tend to get heavy when wet. Paper pellets are similar to wood pellets in look, feel and absorbency but don’t get as heavy after they have absorbed liquid.
  • Shredded cardboard – Provides good absorbency and is a good alternative to newspaper.
  • Straw – It’s not very absorbent, but it’s soft for your rabbit to sit on.
  • Hay – This is a great alternative, especially if your rabbit is a nibbler. Just make sure to change it daily if you choose it.

Top Rabbit Bedding Brands

Several brands provide a variety of bedding products that will keep your bunny feeling safe, dry and clean. The most popular brands are:

• Kaytee
• Carefresh
• Healthy Pet
• Vitakraft
• Small Pet Select

All of these brands have several formulations, so you’ll have options when it comes to finding one that suits your rabbit as well as your own sensibilities.

DIY Rabbit Bedding

If you’re looking to save money on your bunny’s bedding, making your own is one way to do it. Hay is the easiest route to go. Order it in bulk. Hay can double as food for your rabbit too. You’ll need to change it often, almost daily, as it gets soiled. Shredding paper or cardboard on hour own are other alternatives. Fleece blankets are another warm and cozy alternative. Change them by simply shaking off solid debris and then wash and dry them. Have several on hand so that there is always a fresh one in case of mishaps.

Tips for Keeping the Bunny Hutch Clean

All rabbits want a clean home so they don’t appreciate when their hutch becomes too dirty. Clean bowls and water bottles daily. Ensure that water is changed daily and make sure that stale food is not left lying around as it can attract insects. Remove uneaten treats such as fruits and vegetables daily before they rot. Provide dry grass for your rabbit as moist grass can lead to mold problems. The litter area should be cleaned frequently, daily if possible. The cage should also get occasional, thorough scrubbings with soap and water. Performing frequent maintenance and not allowing the excess soil to accumulate will keep your rabbit happy and healthy. Using a quality ammonia control litter will keep the hutch and your home smelling fresh.