Rabbit Supplies

Choosing the best rabbit supplies for your pet is an important process that requires some comparison. All rabbits will need hutches, cages, water bottles, and carriers if you intend to transport them for show purposes. To select the best rabbit supplies, start by making a list of the supplies you need, and then comparing costs and overall requirements for your supplies. Then you can identify through Amazon or an online pet store the best, most affordable supplies that are also highly rated.

Top Rabbit Supplies

1) Living World Deluxe Habitat Cage

A highly-rated, safe, and durable rabbit cage, this Living World Deluxe Habitat for bunnies is a great choice for rabbits of all sizes. Includes special balcony and hybrid plastic/upper wire frame to provide a ventilated and comfortable area.


2) Ferplast Rabbit Cage

A great choice for larger rabbit cages, the Ferplast cage includes a special no-flare bottom for comfort and greater living space.


3) Advantek Stilt House Rabbit Hutch

Includes an outdoor enclosure and stilted nest box for rabbits to have a safe and comfortable playing and running area. Also has an easy-clean pull out tray, as well as white and auburn color ornamentation.


4) Kaytee Take Me With Rabbit Carrier

A great carrier for rabbits of all sizes, this unit features a large door, handle, and base that is highly durable. Includes stain resistant and washable materials to make the carrier highly easy to clean.


5) Rabbit Water Bottle from Fatpet

A durable, safe, BPA-free water bottle from Fatpet, this 300ml unit allows rabbits to easily sip on water throughout the day. Makes it easy for bunnies to access water and for you to fill the bottle without any trouble. Attaches securely to the side of the cage.


6) Lixit Water Bottle

An all weather bottle from Lixit, this unit has a stainless steel ballpoint tube as part of its design. Includes easy to fill and clean wide mount bottle.


7) Come Along Rabbit Carrier

Has exterior mesh windows to let air flow easily for all rabbits inside. Provides a comfortable, secure area for traveling that bunnies will love. Can be combined with Take Me Home cage as well.


8) Trixie Outdoor Rabbit Hutch

A two story hutch that has upper retreat area as part of its design, this attached run unit allows for easy opening with a hinged roof and locking arm for the unit. Also has hatch door and non slip ramp for restricting level access.


Rabbit Supplies Selection Tips

Raising rabbits can be an extremely rewarding task in life. Bunnies provide plenty of entertainment, good will, fun, and enjoyment. Having a rabbit in the house is a great way to add zest and life, and knowing you’re giving your pet an ideal living situation can be a very good feeling.

The key to selecting good rabbit supplies is to know exactly what rabbits need every day. Rabbits will require food, water, entertainment, and carrying devices. You’ll need to give your rabbit an adequate housing area such as a cage or a hutch. Choosing between cages and hutches can be a somewhat daunting task, as each type of housing style has benefits and drawbacks.

In general, cages tend to be quite safe and spacious, but not designed for the outdoors — while hutches are specifically intended to allow rabbits to enjoy the grass and trees and fresh air. Choosing between a cage and a hutch requires that you determine first the size, breed, and overall living and habitation requirements of your rabbit, and then how much space you can accommodate when selecting your hutch or cage rabbit supplies.

Types of Rabbit Supplies

There are a number of different rabbit supplies, including cages, hutches, water bottles, and rabbit carriers as well. Selecting the best rabbit supplies requires some comparison and identification of the best supplies for your breed. For example, larger breeds will need a bigger rabbit carrier, while some smaller breeds can get by with a carrier that is of smaller size — even one you can slip around your shoulder.

Other types of rabbit supplies include toys and entertainment devices, food treats, vegetable and fruit-based treats, supplies such as playpens and running areas, and other related supplies and units.

Rabbit Supply Price List

In general the list of prices for rabbit supplies looks like this:

1) Cages cost between $20-$50 on average, with more advanced cages costing about $70.

2) Hutches tend to range between $50-$80, with upper end hutches (usually with attached rabbit runs) costing about $110.

3) Water bottles are inexpensive, costing about $15 for an average sturdy bottle that attaches to the side of your cage.

4) Carriers for rabbits can be between $20-$40 on average, with the typical carrier including the ability to be carried by strap or by handle. There are a few different carrier options, and some small dog or cat carriers can also be useful for rabbits.

Rabbit Cage Types

When selecting rabbit cages as part of your supply list, be sure to pick the cage that will best suit your pet’s needs. For example, show rabbits need to have a cage that is highly portable, yet still comfortable. You might want to pick a folding cage, in this scenario.

Other cage types include cages on wheels, cages for multiple rabbits, and cages that can be easily packed and transported from one location to another.

Rabbit Hutch Types

There are a number of different rabbit hutches, as well. Some have attached rabbit runs, which can be helpful for letting your bunny get plenty of exercise while still having a secure and safe area to play in. Hutches are often designed from wood or wire combination, and can be quite sturdy as a result.

Rabbit Water Bottles

Choosing a water bottle mostly depends on the type of cage you have, and how large the area is around it to determine what space you have for attaching a water bottle. Many water bottles include metal suction areas, making it easy for bunnies to get the flow going.

Rabbit Carriers

An important selection for rabbits who will be on the go, rabbit carriers will help in transporting your bunny safely. Look for adequate ventilation and a comfortable area for your pet to stay in while being transported.