Rabbit Accessories

There are a number of different rabbit accessories available for pet owners who need to make sure their bunnies are well taken care of. A lot of rabbit supply accessories will include litter boxes and litter, chew toys, grooming kits, nail clippers, and playing toys and tunnels for rabbits to run around in. Through the use of good supplies, you can ensure that your bunny’s health is in ideal condition. Rabbit supplies are very important, and help bunnies to stay in good health throughout their entire lifetime.

When shopping for supply accessories, be sure to compare prices and reputation of the brands you’re looking at. This will help in making a good decision as far as the type of supplies you choose. Companies such as Niteangel, Lixit, and Kaytee are all well-known and respected sources for rabbit supplies, and can quickly provide the items you need.

1) Niteangel Soft Harness With Lead for Rabbits

Designed from soft padding nylon and mesh, this harness is great for rabbits. Made for smaller rabbits up to four bounds, this is a great supply to have for your rabbit and includes adjustable chest snap buckle.


2) Lixit Animal Care Rabbit Feeder Water Fountain

Includes up to 48 ounces of water and a reversible base for food or water. Includes five cups of feed or 48 ounces of water for your bunny. Also has a wide mouth easy clean container.


3) Ware Manufacturing Plastic Scatterless Pet Pan

This large scatterless lock and litter pan locks down to keep spills from happening. Made from plastic, the unit is odor resistant and stain resistant as well. Will lock to the cage, keeping pans and scattered litter to a minimum.


4) Kaytee CritterTrail Playpen

Includes a mat for the playpen as well as a full guard for protecting against messes. Has 12 colored connectable panels that give bunnies a great area to play within. Also has a passageway connector to let bunnies move around from one area to another while playing.


5) Kaytee Timothy Hay Baked Small Animal Treats

Designed for rabbits specifically, these delicious baked apple timothy biscuits help rabbits digest their food. They also taste great, being a high fiber natural treat for bunnies everywhere.


6) Kaytee Perfect Chews for Rabbits

Includes a wood log, wood carrots, wood balls, and a block of orange, purple, and green for bunnies to chew on. A delicious and easy to chew toy that keeps bunnies engaged and happy in their home area. Can be discarded and disposed after the pet eats it.


7) Ware Manufacturing Small Animal Grooming Kit

Includes a full pin brush, bristle brush, and wooden chew — as well as a toe clippers for keeping your bunny happily groomed and cared for. The unit is good for making your rabbit’s fur shine while also allowing you to bond with the animal.


Types of Rabbit Supplies

There are a number of different types of rabbit supplies, including grooming kit, chews, water and food bowls, and harnesses. When planning for the best types of supplies for your bunny, it’s wise to budget well so that you can afford all the supplies you’d like to include.

First, you’ll want to look for grooming and care supplies to keep your pet’s fur and nails in good shape. When choosing care supplies, try to find a unit that includes a nail clipper as well as a brush and shampoo kit.

Second, try to find good toys for your pet rabbit. Your bunny needs lots of mental and physical stimulation to stay in good health. By getting lots of playtime, rabbits are better able to maintain a healthy weight and remain cognitively active as they get older.

Thirdly, try to find a good source of chew toys and treats for your pet. Rabbits enjoy treats now and then and find that they taste very good. Some treats such as timothy hay bites and chews help rabbits to digest their food while also providing a good source of fiber.

Rabbit Supplies List

When creating a rabbit supplies list, be sure to include the following:

1) Nail clippers

2) Grooming supplies

3) Chew toys

4) Grass play balls

5) Hideout huts and tunnels

6) Playpens

7) Litter boxes and filling material

8) Harnesses

These are just a few of the main items to look for. In addition, you might want to include cages, odor control devices, hutches, feed, feeders and water bottles, beds, foot relax pads, and bedding as part of your list of rabbit supplies.

Choosing the Best Rabbit Supplies

A number of different online retailers offer choices for rabbit supplies, including Amazon and other pet stores. You can select rabbit supplies in abundance at good prices, particular when doing a bit of comparison. Many supplies offer different varieties and brands, such as bedding and litter for rabbit boxes.

You can find chew toys and other toys for rabbits at an affordable price, while also providing your bunny with a great source of entertainment. Many rabbits love to chew on tasty treats during the day, and will naturally begin to exercise more frequently when given a good tunneling area to run around in. Bunnies need frequent exercise and should be taken out of the cage or hutch regularly.

In addition, by selecting good rabbit supplies, you’ll find that your rabbit is healthier and more energetic every day, as he or she will be naturally stimulated. You can groom your pet and keep her nails trimmed neatly while then taking her out for a walk or run on the harness. Having a harness is a great choice of rabbit supplies, as this device will let your bunny experience some freedom while still staying safe.

Other supplies include bedding and litter, which are important for ensuring that your rabbit maintains good hygiene at all times. Many pets can be litter trained quite easily, which is a good choice for rabbits as they are actually quite easy to train for litter box usage. Simply placing the litter box in an area you want your pet to use, and then keeping the rabbit encouraged to go in that area throughout the day, you’ll be able to quickly make sure your bunny learns how to use the potty where you wish.