Rabbit Bedding

Finding adequate bedding that will keep your bunny safe, happy, and clean at all times is very important. Rabbits tend to choose the best type of area for sleeping and staying safe, so all you need to do is provide them with good bedding. Rabbits enjoy aspen shavings as well as standard bedding available through pet stores. You can also find paper based beddings through Carefresh, Kaytee, and other brands. Many types of bedding offer odor absorbance and increased softness, making them good for rabbits who wish to find a secure nesting area.

Paper based bedding tends to be good for rabbits as it is safe and keeps odor down while not being sticky for fur, either. Additionally, you can make your own bedding using suredded paper or newsprint. Other types of litter include paper pellets, wood stove pellets, or corn cob litter.

Top Rabbit Bedding

1) Carefresh OEM Rabbit Bedding

Highly absorbent and dust free for simple cleanup, this bedding is great for rabbits, including up to 10 days of full odor protection.


2) Kaytee Clean and Cozy Small Animal Bedding

Providing a full 1000 inches of comfortable, soft bedding for bunnies of all types, the Kaytee Clean and Cozy bedding is more absorbent and appropriate for all types of cages. Highly rated by users.


3) Carefresh Shavings Plus Pet Bedding for Rabbits

A blend of softwood shavings and care fresh colors, this soft blue bedding is fun and colorful, providing entertainment and powerful control of odors. Helps to keep ammonia down better than other types of bedding.


4) Healthy Pet Natural Rabbit Bedding

With powerful odor control that lasts forever, plus the ability to expand to twice its normal volume, this bedding helps to keep smells to a minimum.


5) Kaytee Pine Bedding for Bunnies

A great choice for rabbits due to pine’s ability to keep smells down while providing a soft, safe, clean place for rabbits to use the restroom. Comes in 1200 cubic inch shipments or a 4.0 cubic foot bag.


Rabbit Bedding Selection Tips

Rabbits spend a great deal of time in the area where their bedding will be. To a rabbit, their hutch or cage is their safe house, a place they’ll need to feel warm, dry, clean, and secure. It’s important to make sure your rabbit has the right type of bedding to ensure optimal health at all times.

When choosing a bedding type, be sure to consider how often your rabbit will be indoors vs. outdoors, as well as which area he or she tends to prefer most. Rabbits will make their own beds and simply need to be given the appropriate safe, clean, and comfortable bedding. You can use hardwood stove pellets that have no chemicals, which can be found in home hardware stores or at the grocer. You can use paper pellets as well as Yesterday’s News as a source of bedding — which can be composted and is dust-free, as well as quite absorbent. If your rabbit tends to eat paper, however, be sure not to use this type of bedding for them. You’ll need to initially monitor your rabbit’s behavior when selecting a new type of bedding, as your pet may try to eat it at first, which can cause blockages and be dangerous.

Types of Rabbit Bedding

There are a number of different types of rabbit bedding. These include sawdust, pine shavings, and softwood litters, which all make good choices of bedding. However, some types of sawdust can be a bit too rough for certain sensitive rabbits. Make sure the brand you choose is soft and comfortable, intended to work for rabbits that need a more durable and easy-to-lie on bedding.

Other good types of rabbit bedding include timothy hay, meadow hay, readigrass, and natural blankets or fiber material that is good for rabbits.

Indoor rabbit bedding includes types that are meant to help them relax and sleep at night. However, some rabbit personalities may desire a specific type of bedding over another. For example, if your rabbit is a house rabbit and prefers to sleep under the bed or table, a low dark area will help to be a good sleeping area because it mimics the burrow.

Rabbit Bedding Material

Bedding such as newspaper and hay can be fine fi your rabbit won’t be running much around the interior of your home or within an outdoor hutch. However, paper that is shredded or recycled is a good type of bedding as it is non-sticky and won’t get tracked around the house when you take them out of the cage. It’s a good idea to try a few different types of bedding material to find the right one for your pets.

Outdoor rabbit bedding includes soft hay and plant matter that is safe for rabbits such as holly leaves. Many rabbits will arrange the area the way they like it when you provide enough bedding for them. In fact, tree roots and natural underground areas can act as adequate bedding sources for outdoor rabbits.

Be sure to give rabbits quite a bit of bedding — more than what you think they need. They’ll shape it themselves and determine how best to make a nest that is comfortable for them.

Rabbit Bedding Cost

Rabbit bedding is not terribly expensive and can be purchased in bulk units that are more cost effective. Look for bedding that is about $8-$12 per bag on average. For larger bedding packages or those that have added softness or safety features, you may have to pay a bit more, with costs coming closer to $20 or $30.

DIY Rabbit Bedding

To make your own rabbit bedding, you’ll need to look for some reclaimed wood pulp without treatment or chemicals. You can find clay, paper, and and aspen bedding for rabbits. Wood shavings can be added, as well as hay, mulch, or straw. It’s important to give your rabbit enough bedding to easily burrow deep into the nest for security and warmth. You’ll need to continually keep plenty of bedding available, since rabbits will need their bedding changed on a regular basis. They also like fresh leaves added from yard and wooded areas, as these tend to have natural scents that rabbits love.