Rabbit Cages

Choosing a rabbit cage is one of the most important decisions you will make as a pet owner. Your bunny will spend a number of years inside his or her cage, and it needs to be roomy, clean, and safe. You also need to make sure that the floor of the cage is comfortable for your pet to move around on, as rabbit feet tend to be especially sensitive.

When selecting a rabbit cage, you’ll want to consider budget and pricing concerns, reviews from other users, and overall reputation of the company you select. You may decide to build your own cage, which is another great choice for rabbit owners. Make sure that when building your own cage, you budget accordingly, as you will likely need to obtain extra materials to build and furnish the cage properly.

Some of the top rabbit cages include those from Midwest Homes for Pets, Living World, and Kaytee, among other top name brands.

Top Rabbit Cages

1) Living World Deluxe Habitat

This large and spacious animal home gives you everything needed for your rabbit to securely live in peace. Including a balcony with easy access ramp and a dish that is completely tip proof, this unit is available in large, standard, and extra large sizes.


2) Ware Manufacturing Home Sweet Home Rabbit Cage

An excellent starting cage for new rabbit owners, this unit includes a 2 piece design and has no parts that are small or easy for rabbits to accidentally swallow. With the inclusion of a tough plastic base area, cleaning becomes super simple.


3) Ferplast Rabbit Cage

Includes an extra large patented space saving design for rabbits, including a special flareless bottom to ensure bunnies have lots of space. Includes nesting extension to give rabbits a safe area to sleep in.


4) Homey Pet Three Tier Cage

Includes three levels for rabbit comfort, safety and security. Comes on wheels and includes a urine guard, pull out tray, and casters that are lockable.


5) Midwest Wabbitat Folding Cage

This highly secure cage sets up in a matter of minutes, with no tools or extra supplies necessary. The design is simple, versatile, and includes an easy to sled and clean access front door plastic pan. A one half inch mesh grid floor keeps rabbit areas hygiene and safe.


Rabbit Cage Selection Tips

Choosing a rabbit cage is a very important part of making sure that your bunny friend is happy at all times. Rabbits need a safe, clean, and roomy cage, being at least four times the height and weigh of the rabbit itself. Most rabbits prefer plenty of room and even an added nesting area inside the cage itself.

When choosing a cage, be sure to allow for a large enough area within the unit, as well as easy cleaning and filling for food mechanisms. You’ll need to allow for easy access to the rabbit itself, as well, usually through a special front or top door access area. Also, be certain to select a cage that provides super secure locking mechanisms so that your rabbit can’t escape.

An additional consideration for selecting a rabbit cage is portability. Some cages actually fold up to allow you to quickly and easily transport your bunnies to and from a given location. For show rabbits or pets that have to be frequently moved from one area to another, a cage that is portable, folding, or otherwise easy to transport is a good idea.

Types of Rabbit Cages

There are a number of rabbit cage types, including wire cages, wire/mesh cages, cages that fold up to be transported, cages that include a separate nesting area or ramp, cages that have multiple levels, and cages for more than one bunny at a time. The best cage for your specific situation depends on how many rabbits you need to house, how comfortable they will be inside the cage, and how easy to clean your selection may be.

When choosing the best type of cage for your rabbit, be sure to consider all of the above factors. You should also think about your budgetary concerns, such as whether or not you will need to replace parts of the cage in the future.

Rabbit Cage Prices

Prices for rabbit cages are fairly reasonable, with the average cage being anywhere from $40-$80. Expect to pay about $50 for a durable, safe, and clean cage that includes everything you need to easily set it up and maintain it. You may also want to allow a bit of extra funding when choosing your cage, as you might find it necessary to add new parts or alter currently existing parts.

Build Your Own Rabbit Cage

To build your own rabbit cage, start by selecting a building plan based on the design you like best. This might be a cage that is both spacious and affordable, but also easy to clean and maintain. You might select a plan that includes a pull out mechanism on the tray for easy cleaning.

Once you have chosen the right plan for your rabbit, go ahead and start to acquire the necessary materials. Some cage designs need wood, while others will use plastic, metal, mesh, wire, or some combination. The right materials will depend on what type of cage you are going to build, as well as how quickly you can assemble it. If you need extra tools to put together your cage, be sure to acquire those as well.

Finally, go ahead and build your cage before testing it out. You will need to make sure the cage holds up well under various conditions, when the rabbit is already inside it. Make sure it locks properly and doesn’t sag or weight too heavily on one side. You may also wish to test out the bottom of the cage to make sure it’s soft and easy for your bunny to move around on while remaining comfortable.

Building your own rabbit cage is a great way to save money in the long run while also being resourceful. Some of the best home-built rabbit cages also last a very long time, making them a great way to keep your bunny safely housed for years.