Rabbit Carriers

Choosing the right rabbit carrier is a very important choice, as your carrier will help the bunny to feel safe and secure while being transported to and from the vet. Many rabbits will need to see the vet on a regular basis, or might need to be transported to shows if you are training rabbits for such purposes. It is always a good idea to have a durable, safe, and sturdy carrier to make sure your pet is able to be transported in ideal conditions. Carriers should be spacious, durable, easy to clean, and affordable.

Top Rabbit Carriers

1) Kaytee Come Along Carrier

A comfortable and secure new carrier for pet rabbits all over the world, Kaytee Come Along Carrier is designed to give your pet an ample airflow. Helps to let your rabbit travel in a comfortable, spacious environment that is designed to be breathable and safe.


2) Take Me With Rabbit Carrier

Containing a large access door and carry handle, this stain resistant and washable unit also contains a durable base made from plastic. Including a secondary perch for birds or other animals, this rabbit carrier has a durable wooden base and large door, as well as the ability to fit perfectly within the Come Along Carrier from Kaytee.


3) iPet Hands Free Rabbit Carrier

A soft machine-washable cotton pouch for bunnies, this hands free, reversible carrier will loop over your shoulder and stay securely on your hip to let the rabbit stay comfy and secure. Also has a built in external hasp for security. The unit itself holds up to 12 pounds, so even larger rabbits can fit inside it.


4) Favorite Top Load Small Animal Carrier

A good carrier for short vet visits, this unit is designed from safe and sturdy plastic, creating a safe environment for bunnies. Includes a button that is top rotatable and will close the lid quite easily. It is a unit that’s easy to clean, with comfortable and well-balanced handles on top.


5) Come Along Carrier

With exterior mesh windows and a great airflow design to keep pets secure and protected but still comfortable, this carrier is one of the most highly recommended for rabbits due to its trusted name and design. Can be combined with Take Me Home age to give you an ideal travel system for rabbits on the road.


Rabbit Carrier Selection Tips

Choosing a rabbit carrier is very important, as this will be your primary means of transporting your bunny around the world. Rabbits need to have plenty of room in the carrier while also feeling safe and comfortable inside. The best way to select rabbit carriers is to look at reviews for top-rated models and choose according to comfort, durability, and price.

Other important factors in choosing a carrier include size, carrying straps, sturdiness, ease of access, easy to clean, and ventilation. Each of these considerations play an important part in determining how long a carrier will last and how effectively it will transport your pet to and from various locations.

Try to choose a carrier that is big enough for your rabbit to sit upright, stretch out, and be comfortable, but not slide around too much to avoid accidents when you might have to suddenly put on the brakes in your car.

Types of Rabbit Carriers

There are a number of different carrier types, including large carriers, small carries, wire carriers, chew-proof carriers, and wicker carriers. There are also soft fabric carriers, sling carriers, and cardboard carriers which aren’t generally recommended. There are heavy-duty carriers that have better locking and durability, as well as small pet carriers intended specifically for rabbits that allow for adequate, thorough ventilation.

Rabbit Carrier Prices

Prices for rabbit carriers are typically quite reasonable, ranging from about $25-$30 for starting carriers and going as high as $50 or $60 for a better-made version. Depending on added features and functionality, you may have to pay a bit more for your rabbit, especially if it is a larger breed.

Other Rabbit Carrier Tips

When choosing carriers, be sure to look for models that are easy to carry. You should ensure that carriers have straps for heavy rabbits or larger bunnies, or if you plan to put more than one rabbit inside at a time. Handles should be attached securely, able to handle the rabbit’s weight with no problem. The carrier should also be sturdy and secure, with the latches not being able to fall apart while you are in the middle of your journey.

Other important considerations are cleanliness and ventilation. The rabbit may have to go to the bathroom inside your carrier, so you should choose a model that you can wipe down and take apart. For easy cleaning, plastic carriers tend to be better than fabric carriers. Ventilation is also of critical importance, since rabbits may be able to quickly overheat in warm carriers if they are not given adequate airflow.

Chew-Proof Rabbit Carriers

Many bunnies feel trapped or insulated to the point that they will chew right through their carrier, which can be a big problem, of course. The best way to prevent this problem is to select a carrier that is entirely chew-proof. Some models are made specifically to keep rabbits from eating their way out of the carrier, as this can happen if bunnies aren’t quite secure enough. You should also make sure rabbit legs can’t stick out if wiring isn’t spaced properly in the carrier.

Preventing Carrier Potty Accidents

To avoid your carrier getting too messy during transport, try to line it with an odor absorbent material such as a puppy training pad, newsprint, or a towel with added pine shavings. This is fine for rabbit litter — or can be accomplished by placing a training pad on top of a towel stretched out at the bottom.

Making Your Carrier Comfortable

To make the carrier as comfy as possible for your rabbit, you can add a blanket or small towel which will let the rabbit snuggle up in. It will also help your pet feel safe and secure, and prevent the bunny from sliding around too much while you are carrying the unit to and from the vet.