Rabbit Hay

Selecting the best types of rabbit hay is a very important process that must be done to ensure your bunny’s health and happiness at all times. Most rabbits love hay and will gravitate toward timothy or other types of hay quite naturally. The best way to start feeding hay is to find a tasty brand that your pet likes while introducing it slowly into his or her diet.

It’s also important to choose a hay dispenser that provides plenty of fresh and clean hay on a daily basis. Rabbits love this tasty choice, which contains a number of key vitamins and minerals that they need to stay alive. You may find your bunny eating hay regularly throughout the day, which is normal and healthy for all rabbits. Rabbits greatly like to much all day long, which is a healthy way for them to obtain nutrients and important fiber — which is required for rabbits to have a normally-functioning digestive system.

Top Rabbit Hay

1) Kaytee Wafer Cut Hay Pet Food

One of the top rabbit hay choices available, this top quality timothy hay includes lots of fiber which rabbits need to stay healthy. Strands are shorter to allow bunnies to easily peel it off. Includes a second cutting variety which is lower in protein and ideal for rabbit nutrition.


2) Kaytee Timothy Hay

Fresh Timothy Hay from a top distributor of rabbit hay, this unit includes a natural sun-cured form of hay that has zero additives or preservatives. Made entirely in the U.S. and all-natural, coming in value pack bags.


3) Oxbow Western Rabbit Hay

Coming in a convenient bag that is entirely free of messy, this unit has exactly what your rabbits need to stay healthy at all times. Highly rated and enjoyed by rabbits everywhere.


4) Small Pet 2nd Cutting Timothy Hay

Fresh premium timothy hay for rabbits, this unit contains hay that is handled minimally and delivered fresh to your home. Includes a full satisfaction guarantee for you and for your rabbits.


5) Carefresh Timothy Hay

Made entirely within the U.S., this hay provides all the essential minerals, nutrients, and other ingredients you need. Includes hay from Washington State, which has top quality hay from 2nd cuttings.


Rabbit Hay Selection Tips

Choosing rabbit hay is very important for keeping your bunny in excellent shape for his or her entire life. Rabbit hay prices may vary, but in general, choosing hay is done based on the nutritional value of the hay you select. Most hays include a balance of fiber and protein, allowing rabbits to gain the entire amount of fiber they need to fulfill a rich, happy life.

Rabbit hay feeders are also important in making sure your bunny has everything he or she needs to stay as well-fed as possible. Most rabbits will happily munch on hay all day long, and for this reason, hay should be available to rabbits throughout the entire course of their normal feedings. You should allow for a separate hay feeder to make sure that bunnies have adequate amounts of hay available to them at all times.

To select the best rabbit hay, first look at how much fiber is included in the blend, as well as if it is first or second cutting. Then make sure it is made in the U.S. and provides all the important minerals and nutrients that your bunny will need. Finally, compare hay prices to ensure that you’re getting the best value.

Types of Rabbit Hay

There are a a few different types of rabbit hay including oat hay, grass hay, and most importantly, timothy hay. Timothy is the hay of choice, providing all the important nutrients your rabbits need to remain healthy while also being tasty and fresh. Just about every rabbit will naturally gravitate toward this tasty type of hay, which is preferred by bunnies.

Rabbit Hay Prices

Prices for a bag of rabbit hay may vary, with larger bags over 64 ounces being upward of $20 and smaller bags being $20 or less. Expect to pay on average about $15 for a full supply bag of hay that will last one to two rabbits of small size about a full month.

Top Rabbit Hay Feeders

There are a few different rabbit hay feeders you can use to feed your rabbits, including the hay feeder from Kaytee that is made of all-natural wood, as well as the Ware Manufacturing hay feeder and the Kaytee Rabbit Hay Manger.

The most highly recommended hay feeder is Kaytee Natural Wood Hay manager, which supplies a continual fresh hay supply to your pet in a safe dye free wood container. Constructed with zero nails or staples, this unit will never harm your pet and is a great addition to any cage that lets your rabbit feed on hay all day long.


Make Your Own Rabbit Hay Feeder

To make your own rabbit hay feeder start by first obtaining the necessary materials and plans to build one. You can compare a fews different feeder build plans online, with there being a number of different plans available. Selecting the best plan for your needs mostly depends on what you are looking for in terms of supplying your pet with the idea unit.

To select a good feeder plan, you will need to know your rabbit’s cage size, as smaller cages will need a smaller feeder. On average, most feeders should be about six inches long and 2 inches wide, or within that range. You can construct your feeder from natural wood, plastic, or wire if constructed in a safe and rabbit-friendly manner.

When you have selected a good plan, start by acquiring all the necessary materials to build your feeder. You may need wood, metal, plastic, or any combination of these various materials. Once all materials are found and put together, you can start to assemble your feeder before testing it out for your rabbits. Assembling the feeder must be done safely and carefully, with plenty of testing planned as part of your ultimately feeder deployment.

When finished, go ahead and set your feeder up in the rabbit’s cage and add some timothy hay to it. Within a few minutes, your bunny should observe the feeder and be able to start using it to obtain hay whenever he or she likes.