Rabbit Playpen

Selecting a good rabbit playpen is a great choice for ensuring that your bunny is safely enclosed in an area with lots of affordability for movement. All bunnies need physical activity, and making sure your playpen is safe, secure, and easy to set up is of critical importance. Fortunately, there are plenty of playpens to choose from, including wooden pens, nylon rabbit playpens, and playpens that can be folded and moved wherever you wish.

To choose a good playpen for your rabbit, first consider pricing and affordability, user reviews, and overall size allowances for the area you plan to set it up in. When you’ve narrowed your list down to two or three different choices, you can select a good pen based on safety, portability, cost, and overall user reviews and ratings.

Top Rabbit Playpens

1) BestPet Rabbit Playpen

This unit makes sure that your bunny has a nice, easy to setup unit for playing in outdoors. Uses a sturdy frame made from steel to help keep the highest amount of strength within the unit. Easy to put together, with no tools needed. Great for both outdoors and indoors.


2) Kaytee Pet Playpen for Rabbits

Connecting easy to a home unit for pet rabbits, this unit has a connecting passageway and locking cap included in purchase. A sizable, spacious area for rabbits to play in, it also has eight different panels made from wire that let you adjust the enclosure as you wish.


3) Midwest Foldable Exercise Playpen

A spacious area for pets to play in, this unit lets your bunny run around while still remaining safe from predators and threats. Easy to set up, it includes a durable e coat black finish to protect against the elements and rust.


4) OxGord 48 Inch Playpen

A great and spacious unit for rabbits, this mesh design provides an easy folding, soft sided area for rabbits to move around and play in. Simple set up and take down allow you to store it anywhere that is convenient.


5) Trixie Pet Products Small Soft Rabbit Playpen

Designed for outdoor and indoor use, this playpen is crafted from highly durable nylon and gives you everything you need to protect your bunny while he is playing outside. Affordable and highly rated, the unit can be secured to the ground using anchors and straps.


Rabbit Playpen Selection Tips

A rabbit playpen will give your bunny everything he or she needs to safely, comfortably move around and get exercise either inside or outside. Bunnies need plenty of physical activity to stay healthy on a daily basis, so it’s important to make sure they are well cared for when it comes to choosing a good playpen. There are numerous types of playpens to choose from, including bed frame playpens and foldable pens. You can choose a playpen that is affordable, safe, and easy to set up fairly easily.

To choose the best playpen, first take into account the size of your rabbit and how much space it will need to be happy in moving around in the provided area. Smaller bunnies won’t need as large a playpen, while bigger bunnies may need an enclosure that can be adjusted or moved in such a way that the rabbit will have plenty of space at all times. Additionally, playpens that are going to set up outside will need to have predator protection from dogs, cats, birds, and other animals.

Types of Rabbit Playpens

There are a number of different rabbit playpen types, including foldable playpens, pens that are made from wire and metal, wooden playpens, nylon playpens, and multipurpose playpens. There are also playpens that include a separate connecting passageway so bunnies can easily get to their home cage or hutch.

Rabbit Playpen Prices

Prices for rabbit playpens are quite affordable, ranging from $10 to $20 for starting level, small playpens, and ranging up to as much as $50 or $60 for more advanced playpens. On average, you can expect to pay about $40 for a decent size playpen with lots of good features such as durability and rust proof paint coating.

Rabbit Playpen Extensions

Some playpens actually come with a special rabbit playpen extension that you can use to connect the playpen to the cage, keeping it easy for your bunny to get to his or her safety area. Rabbits love to be able to easily access the place they’ll be playing in, so they can move around freely and at will. These can be set up both indoors and outdoors, so that grassy areas can be explored as your bunny wishes.

Rabbit Playpen Hutch and Run Additions

You can also find rabbit playpens that attach to a special area for rabbit runs and hutches, so that your bunny can have an entire explorable area in your backyard. This makes it easy for the pet to quickly move from one place to another, having a spacious, safe area to get around in. This will mimic the natural conditions your rabbit would be in outside, imitating the lifestyle of a wild rabbit. Bunnies love to be able to freely get to their hutch and then use the attached rabbit run, scampering across to the playpen to hop around and discover new territory.

Rabbit Playpen Outdoor Safety Tips

For making sure your pet is safely enclosed while in his playpen outside, you should make sure to attach a roof area or other protective device, as well as safe locking attachments and a secure ground attachment. As long as there is a roof space over the top of the pen while outside, your rabbit should be safe to use it as often as he or she chooses. Additionally, you can set up the pen in an area where you’ll be able to keep an eye on your bunny at all times.

Wooden Rabbit Playpens

Some custom made wooden rabbit playpens are great for moving around inside as a rabbit, where your pet can easily slide and scoot around across the slippery floor. You can even use stain and pain that is rabbit-safe to match your furniture. This gives your home a nice attractive accent while also allowing your bunny to move around freely int he playpen area.