Rabbit Toys

Finding the best rabbit toys to keep your pet’s imagination fully-stimulated is an important part of making sure that your bunny is healthy and safe. Rabbits need lots of mental stimulation as well as physical activity to remain fully healthy. When finding good rabbit toys, there are plenty of types to choose from, including balls, chew toys, and tunnels that you can make or buy on your own. Choosing the best toys should be a blend of considerations including price, safety, reputation, and average review of each toy type. When you’ve found the right set of toys for your rabbit, be sure to play with them regularly to ensure a healthy mind and body.

Top Rabbit Toys

1) Peter’s Woven Grass Rabbit Play Ball

Using naturally woven grass as part of this rabbit toy design, the ball is soft and easy for bunnies to maneuver and play with. Rabbits are guaranteed many hours of safe and entertaining fun with this toy.


2) Kaytee Rabbit Nut Knot Chew Toy

Crafted from naturally wood containing almond nut, this unit encourage healthy chewing and playing for bunnies. A great toy that’s fun and simple to roll around as well as chew on for all ages and sizes.


3) Kaytee Chew Toys 3 Pack

Includes a pack of three toys for gnawing that come in carrot shapes. Has a sisal medium cleaning texture as well as a loofa soft flossing texture. Affordable, colorful, and appealing to rabbits.


4) Bunny Blast Chew Toy

A chew toy that is fully biodegradable and made from yucca, this unit is tasty and safe for rabbits to chew on.


5) Bunny Fun Tree Rabbit Toy

A great scratching and chewing toy for rabbits, this unit is made from safe pet materials such as corn leaf and seagrass. Great for rabbits of all sizes.


Ideas for Rabbit Toys

Just like other animals, rabbits need exercise, stimulation, and toys that are bright and colorful to keep their imaginations going. There are plenty of ideas for rabbit toys that allow bunnies to enjoy a fun lifestyle. Even though rabbits can’t meow, bark, or make other noise to get you to notice them, they’re still highly intelligent and need lots of stimulation. This is why rabbit toys are so critical.

Rabbits need to have plenty of space to roam about and play all day long. There are lot of toys you can make or buy on your own.

Chew Toys

Rabbits love chew toys and will often chew on items in their cages if they aren’t given appropriate toys. Giving your rabbit a toy to chew on will help the bunny to keep teeth healthy without causing later dental problems.

Chew toys come in a variety of types, including wood, grass, or a combination of these two. Some rabbits will chew on branches or soft items that can be made safe through the addition of special types of grass or root to the toy. These can be found online through rabbit pet stores or at Amazon.

Additionally, you can use willow, pine, or apple as part of your rabbit toys if you choose to make your own. You can give a rabbit a toilet paper tube or an oatmeal box, as long as everything inside the container has been discarded. Additionally, many rabbits will chew card stock and enjoy playing with it a lot.

You can even make a castle out of your old cardboard boxes. Try grabbing an old cardboard box and making a few slight cuts to it. By cutting holes in the box’s side so that your bunny can fit in, as well as some scattered window holes to let your rabbit see out of the box, you’ll create a rabbit burrow box. They love these types of passages especially if you connect them to a number of other boxes, creating a makeshift warren.

Other toy ideas include toilet paper tubes, which can be stuffed with grass or hay, as well as tubes that are hung by strings or cut up into rings.

Rabbit Toy Themes

Themes for rabbit toys include chew toys, toilet paper tubes, willow and grass toys, rabbit rag doll toys, burrows and warrens, and castles. Bunnies love to throw or push around balls, as well as explore in dark tunneling areas, so these are some very common rabbit toy themes.

Other themes include toys that let you add food to them, toys that can be rolled or moved around, or toys that dangle and provide bright colors. You can add a harness to your rabbit’s routine and allow him or her to walk outside while also playing with a toy and getting some exercise. Rabbit toys should always be comfortable to use, safe, and chewable as many rabbits will try to chew on anything in their possession. When you’ve found the right set of toys to play with, try to alternate their usage so your bunny gets some element of surprise in toy choice. This will help to stimulate the rabbit’s imagination and keep its mind sharp at all times.

Rabbit Toy Accessories

Other rabbit toy accessories include food dispensing toys, parrot or natural wooden toys, stainless steel cups and bowls, blocks and items to chew on, wooden boxes, woven mats, balls, or grass toys, and cardboard that is made into a tunnel for your bunny. Rabbits will also play with balls, baskets, and hampers that are not treated and have no varnish or finish — as well as those that are filled with grass, hay, or newspaper.

If possible, try to find a rabbit exercise pen for your bunny. Rabbits love to have the opportunity to get out of the cage and bounce around a bit. When possible, allow your bunny to play with his or her toys outside, but if you need to stay indoors, there are lots of creative ideas to stimulate a rabbit’s imagination in this setting as well.

Additional rabbit toy accessories include squeaky toys, tunnels, small balls, soft toys, and other dangling toys that are made from colored string bits that help to excite a bunny’s imagination. You can find toys that hold pellets or grass that will let your bunny stay healthy and fit as well as nutritionally sound.