Rabbit Water Bottles

Choosing the best water bottles for your pet rabbit is a critically important task. Your bunny needs to be sure he or she has access to water that’s clean and fresh at all times. It’s important to select a bottle that is easy to maintain, easy to fill, and that will come off the side of the cage with no problem. Additionally, for pets who live in colder climates, a heated water bottle might be a good choice, as it ensures that your pet is able to have water at a comfortable temperature.

When choosing a rabbit water bottle, be sure to compare reviews, prices, and overall durability and specifications for each bottle. The best bottles will be easy to clean and maintain as well as affordable and easy for the rabbit to drink from.

Top Rabbit Water Bottles

1) Fatpet 300ML Mess Free Rabbit Bottle

This bottle includes a small style nozzle for smaller animals such as rabbits, and is suitable to hang on all types of pet cages. Includes the ability to prevent leakage and will not rust. Affords simple, easy installation and can be snapped quickly in and out of the unit holder.


2) Lixit All Weather Water Bottle

A 64 ounce bottle that can easily be cleaned and refilled, this unit includes a double ballpoint stainless steel tube that is great for rabbits. Sturdy, durable, and easy to clean.


3) Lixit Plastic Wide Mouth Bottle

A great bottle for rabbits, this unit is simple to clean, fill, and install. Keeps the rabbit’s water clean at all times and has a larger ball point tube design with a wide mouth bottle made from plastic.


4) Farm Innovators Heated Rabbit Bottle

A 32 ounce bottle that is great for bunnies of all types, this unit protects water from freezing if you have a rabbit living outdoors in colder weather. The thermostat control unit operates only when needed to keep the water from freezing. Great for outdoor areas where you might have a cage or hutch installed.


5) Little Giant Farm Water Bottle

A stainless steel ballpoint tube water bottle that is perfect for bunnies, this unit has a no leak design for preventing the cage from getting damp — and to help ensure that water stays clean. The plastic opaque design keeps water at a comfortable temperature for bunnies.


Rabbit Water Bottles Selection Tips

Choosing a good water bottle for your rabbit largely depends on how big your animal is. Bigger bunnies need more water, and will drink throughout the day, meaning the bottle needs to be filled at all times. The nozzle and size of the tube is critical for selecting a good bottle as well, as it must make the process of obtaining water easy — but not waste any water while drinking. You also need a bottle that is easy to clean and refill, since this will need to be done each day.

Additionally, there are two types of spouts you’ll need to decide between when you are choosing a good rabbit water bottle. Classic bottles include a tube that has a ball inside, which stays at the end of the tube until the rabbit licks the tube area, making water come down. These spouts typically will tend to leak, making the bottle a less than idea choice. However, sippy spouts don’t have this problem and can be easier to use for rabbits. They are a bit pricier, but they are also quieter.

Types of Rabbit Water Bottles

There are several different types of water bottles for rabbits, including vacuum valve bottles, sippy bottles, tube bottles, large bottles, and bottles that heat the water using a built in thermometer and heating device. The type of bottle you choose for your pet depends on the climate, living conditions, and overall requirements for keeping water safe and hygienic while ensuring the bottle is always filled.

Rabbit Water Bottle Prices

Prices for different water bottles tend to vary, with cheaper bottles being around $20 and higher end models being upwards of $40. Depending on how many features you pay for (vacuum sealing, self-cleaning, etc.), you may have to add a bit more to your budget to ensure your bunny has the best available bottle.

Tips for Rabbit Water Bottle Maintenance

Keeping your rabbit water bottle clean at all times is of vital importance. If the bottle gets bacteria or germs inside it, this can cause infection or the growth of harmful viruses within the bottle itself, leading to a sick bunny. You should wash your rabbit’s water bottle daily and make sure the water inside is always fresh and filtered. Your pet will drink frequently, and having adequate water is of vital importance for all types of bunnies around the world.

You should also try to select a bottle that attaches easily to the side of your cage. The bottle needs to be easy to set up so that you don’t have to deal with a frustrating and difficult set up. It should also be easy to clean and refill, since you will need to do both of these tasks quite often.

Heated Water Bottles

Choosing a heated water bottle for your pet rabbit can be a good choice if you live in a cold climate or area where it’s important for your pet to have access to warmer areas at some point. For example, if you keep your rabbit in an outdoor hutch and the temperatures frequently get quite cold, you might want to choose a heated water bottle which will keep the water at a comfortable temperature even in sub-zero temperatures. These bottles are quite affordable and easy to use, and can be helpful for cold climates.

Tube Water Bottles

Rabbit water bottles delivered in a traditional tube style can be harder for rabbits to drink from, due to the balls placed inside the spout that make it hard to get water to come out. It may be better to choose a tube water bottle with a more recent design that allows for water leakage prevention and makes sure that your rabbit won’t have to deal with water all over the floor of his or her cage or hutch.